Jewish Council for Youth Services (JCYS)

Jewish Council for Youth Services (JCYS) offers educational, recreational and leadership experiences throughout the year at their family centers, multiple summer camps and specialty programs. Programs are designed to nurture each child’s individual spirit, imagination, confidence and talents. At JCYS’ Jon Vegosen Champ Camp (JV Champ Camp), low-income Hispanic children from the Highwood Illinois community enjoy a traditional summer sports camp experience that introduces them to healthy lifestyle habits. Through a wide variety of activities, campers learn not only the fundamentals of tennis and swimming, but also learn about nutrition and healthy food while building confidence, self-esteem, and life skills. The camp reaches children at risk of obesity, aiming to reverse the trend toward weight gain among vulnerable children and instead instill enjoyment of physical activity and fresh, nutritious food.

Jewish Council for Youth Services (JCYS)
150 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 640
Chicago, IL 60601


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