Love to Serve, Inc.

Love To Serve, Inc. Tennis and Education Foundation (LTS) was founded in 1992 to provide student athletes with academic support, educational enrichment, college preparation, and tennis training. Students receive tennis training throughout the week. Workshops are conducted throughout the year for ACT preparation, scholarship application completion, college application, and essay preparation and resume writing. Tennis programs include 10 & Under, Beginners & Advanced Beginners, Middle School & High School Players, Future Novices, and Tournament Players. Through hard work, dedication, and the development of strategic partnerships, LTS has become a nationally recognized organization serving hundreds of student athletes annually.

Love To Serve, Inc. Tennis and Education Foundation (LTS)
3400 West 111th Street, Suite 408
Chicago, IL 60655

Serve & Return Chicago News
June 2021

Bill Wham Memorial Scholarship

Bill Wham Memorial Scholarship To say Bill Wham’s name – or as many affectionately called him, “Whammer” – in the Chicagoland tennis community is to…

February 2021

“Own the Arena” by Katrina Adams

Katrina Adams was born and raised in Chicago and competed on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour for 12 years. In addition to many other…

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